Katerinas Folly - Her New Job (Sexual Adventures in New York Book 1) Melanie Griffiths


Published: January 15th 2013

Kindle Edition

82 pages


Katerinas Folly - Her New Job (Sexual Adventures in New York Book 1)  by  Melanie Griffiths

Katerinas Folly - Her New Job (Sexual Adventures in New York Book 1) by Melanie Griffiths
January 15th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 82 pages | ISBN: | 7.36 Mb

This book contains colour photographs depicting a situation or setting the scene for coming activity.The leading protagonist is Katerina Forsyth who is a strong-willed young woman determined to succeed and is willing to use whatever means necessary achieve her objectives. Like water running downhill, she often seeks the easiest way to win, and that often means offering her nubile young body to close a deal or advance her career.In this book you will see her at work on the senior editor of a leading New York publisher, offering to sleep with him in return for a publishing contract.

She also begins a steamy relationship with a new author that ends up in bed each time they meet.The male protagonist is Norman Pirbright who crosses paths with Katerina throughout the novel. You will learn how his early life at home moulded his character and is possibly the reason for his many sexual adventures. He has many inner battles against his uncontrollable lust and desire for sex, preferably with older women with good legs! However, does he succeed?He is sexually attracted to two women on the same day, each time he is mesmerised by glimpses of their shapely legs in hose and silk underwear, giving him an enormous erection.

However, because it has been many years since he last made love to a woman, he is reluctant to make an advance. He soon learns that mature women have little reluctance in making their desires obvious to him.It often seems these two are destined to be lovers at the very least, but events and emotions seem to contrive to keep them apart, despite Katerina using all her wiles to capture his heart. There are antagonists of every age and sex entwined in each strand of the tangled threads of this sexual adventure, some you will dislike, others you may admire, but all will intrigue you.In this first book of the “Sexual Adventures in New York” series, you meet the two main characters and learn some of their good points as well as their failings.

This first book sets the scene for the following books, yet contains enough tension and erotic adventures to keep you entertained throughout.

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